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Villa Silvia: Clinic, Therapy and Technology in a single structure.

Villa Silvia

In the center of Senigallia, surrounded by 5,000 square meters of green area, Villa Silvia cares about you.

The Villa Silvia nursing home, founded in 1963 by Prof. Nicola Aliotta, deals with the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric pathologies and addictions, and is an Accredited Alcological Centre with the Marche Region Health Service.

Our centre employs the best diagnostic technologies, a highly qualified medical staff and the most modern and effective therapies to allow the complete detoxification of patients from drugs and alcohol, as well as for the treatment of psychiatric, social and behavioural disorders, considering the close link that often exists with addictions, identified in the modern concept of double diagnosis.

The private nursing home Villa Silvia is located in the centre of the residential heart of Senigallia, in the province of Ancona.

The hospital complex consists of a main building, reserved for the patients’ hospitalization, and several accessory structures intended for management offices and group therapies.

In addition, on the ground floor of an elegant building in the nearby Viale A. Garibaldi is the Villa Silvia clinic, a modern facility equipped with the most advanced technologies for instrumental diagnostics.

The entire plexus is immersed in a green area of about 5,000 square meters, perfectly equipped and able to offer a context of serenity and privacy ideal to promote the psycho-physical balance of hospitalized patients, as well as the performance of outdoor activities that allow it.

The structure is able to accommodate up to 42 patients under accreditation with the National Health Service.

In addition, the centre is completely independent and able to provide patients with every type of service.

Convention with the S.S.N.

We welcome patients for hospitalizations under agreement from all over the national territory.

The hospitalizations in the Nursing Home must always be planned and cannot take place in an emergency or Compulsory Health Treatment regime.

Patients who want to have access to hospitalization under this convention regime will have to have their reference doctor (SERT or DSM) present a report describing in detail the patient’s clinical history, and the commitment with the request for hospitalization. The request for hospitalization will be evaluated by our professionals and then the applicant will be placed on the waiting list. You can also choose to implement the hospitalization with the S.S.N. with request for accommodation in Superior Class (allocation of single room), in which case, the charges related to the level of hotel treatment are borne by the applicant.

Hospitalization under private treatment is possible with the direct assumption of the costs of hospitalization, however, it is always necessary a request from your doctor.