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A highly professional and personalized path.

The objective of the therapeutic path

is to provide personalized care leading to a complete detoxification of the patients

whose progress is constantly monitored through medical examinations, specific clinical analyses and stimulated through the use of individual and group psychological therapies, psychodiagnostic tests and psycho-educational groups, as well as through the direct involvement of family members and the attendance by them of awareness groups managed by systemic-relational psychotherapists.

Once the detoxification process has been completed, patients can access the next phase of behavioural rehabilitation, after a clinical evaluation, also registering privately at the San Nicola Post-care Centre, where a team of specialists is in charge of directing and stabilizing the path away from addiction in the long term, with the aim of acting in advance against the possibility of future relapses and to promote full social reintegration.

The Nursing Home has an agreement with the S.S.N.

The hospitalizations in the Nursing Home must always be scheduled and cannot take place in an emergency or Compulsory Health Treatment.

Patients who want to have access to hospitalization under this convention regime must have their reference doctor (SERT or DSM) present a report describing in detail the patient’s clinical history, and the commitment with the request for hospitalization. The request for hospitalization will be evaluated by our professionals and then the applicant will be placed on the waiting list. You can also choose to implement the hospitalization with the S.S.N. with request for accommodation in Superior Class (single room allocation); in this case, the charges related to the level of hotel treatment are borne by the applicant.

Hospitalization under private treatment is possible with the direct assumption of the costs of hospitalization, however, it is always necessary a request from your doctor.

What to know and what to do to request hospitalization.


It is advisable to book admission by contacting the Nursing Home Acceptance Office with a written admission proposal that must be seen and approved by the Nursing Home Acceptance Doctor.

The hospitalization proposal can be issued by the general practitioner, or by an outpatient specialist of the National Health Service (SSN), or by a Department of Mental Health or STDP (Territorial Pathological Dependencies Service), or by an internal doctor of the Nursing Home. In particular situations, at the discretion of the Medical Director, the appropriateness of the hospitalization may be evaluated through a specialist visit by the internal doctor of the Nursing Home, who will put the patient on the waiting list in case of a positive outcome.



In the absence of a seat, the name is entered on a waiting list. As soon as a post becomes available, the person concerned is immediately informed of the date of the call for admission, a few days in advance and in absolute order of precedence. During the waiting period, it is recommended not to suspend the current therapy and to maintain contact with the Acceptance Office.



The patient will be discharged with the authorization of the ward doctor, issued no less than two days in advance. Before discharge, the patient will be given a discharge letter containing any maintenance prescription to be given to the attending physician.

Any check-ups by the nursing home’s medical staff are possible, subject to appointment. It should be remembered that these visits are part of the free professional activity of doctors and are not covered by the health service.



It is essential to make a personal request to the Medical Directorate of the Nursing Home at the time of discharge by signing the request form at the care home concierge. After discharge, it is possible to send a signed request on plain paper to the Medical Directorate with personal details, period of stay and a photocopy of an identity document.

For the delivery of the copy of the medical record there are various modalities:

  • Directly to the nursing home, or through a person delegated by the patient whose details must be specified in the request and who must present an identity document.

  • By post (also by email) and in this case the application must indicate this method of delivery and provide the full address to which the document should be delivered.