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San Nicola Center

Aftercare center.

The Addiction Recovery Center

Specialized in substance and behavioral addictions

The St. Nicholas Post-Care Center was born from an idea of Dr. Vincenzo Aliotta and more than thirty years of experience in the field of alcology and treatment of addictions, both substance and behavioral, in the clinic Villa Silvia, with the support of professionalism and expertise of doctors and operators who have been working there for years at national and international level.

The basic idea, simple and innovative at the same time, is that of a therapeutic continuum, i.e. a treatment of addiction and abuse behaviors according to a progressive logic based on several distinct phases: from the first detoxification to the subsequent rehabilitation with a follow-up period, all aimed at achieving a stable and long-lasting withdrawal from addiction and social reintegration.

There are three phases of therapy, as well as the places in which one acts. The path begins in the Villa Silvia Nursing Home, where patients undergo the process of assisted detoxification, stopping the use of substances and finding a better psycho-physical balance thanks to the continuous support of our team of specialized doctors and the technologies offered by our Polyspecialist Diagnostic Centre.

The next step is the private registration at the Post-Cura San Nicola Centre, in the nearby Piticchio di Arcevia.

A modern structure perfectly equipped and immersed in the tranquility of the Marche hills, where customers can find the ideal context to continue their recovery process. Here they are offered a complete rehabilitation path based on a dense and effective personalized program, which includes group activities and therapies tailored to each client by our team of psychologists, psychotherapists, professional educators and counselors, to stimulate and consolidate day after day the patient’s personal motivation and stabilize the process of remission from addiction.

Finally, the rehabilitation process ends with a follow-up that lasts for a further 10 months, with periodic appointments also via skype or telephone, closing an assistance period of 1 year from the entrance.

Our approach based on three distinct time phases, carried out in as many physical locations, allows us to offer the most structured, progressive and complete program for the treatment of addiction in Italy.